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Summer Readers Build a Robot

Over 1,400 kids (babies through teens) read and had adventures in the Library's Fizz Boom Read summer program. Kids returned to all three of our locations for another 2,100 visits in the short nine-week program. Each visit generated a sticker to build our robot AND a chance for kids to be part of a charitable donation to support the Humane Society, the Eco-Park and the Children's Museum. Great job La Crosse kids!


Series Fatigue

8.22.14 Are you suffering from series fatigue? Are you tired of having to read multiple books just to find out how it all ends? If you are, then the books listed below are for you! They are, believe it or not, a complete story in just ONE book! Read a few of these and then you might be ready to tackle a new series…


Teen Books for (gasp!) Adults

7.22.14   Did you know that it’s perfectly acceptable to read teen books EVEN IF YOU AREN’T A TEEN? It’s true! There are such amazing authors who just happen to write for teens that you shouldn’t miss out even if you aren’t a teen anymore (and haven’t been for awhile). Give one of the following books a try and see what you’ve been missing:



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