Still Time to Start Your Garden

There is still plenty of time to check out heirloom seeds and get them in the ground! We’ve got a great variety of beans, peas, squash, lettuce, herbs, flowers (and more) that are ready to hit the dirt. Each species comes with an easy-to-follow Save This Seed bookmark that gives simple directions on how to save some seed and return it for the next season. Swing by Main on Saturday, May 17, 9 am-1pm for tomato seedlings. You can choose four plants from the ten offered.

Student History Projects on Display at Main

In May, we celebrate National History Day (NHD) in honor of our local young historians. Since last October, over 600 middle school students made research visits to the library to gather information for their NHD projects. While many of these students moved on to state and national competition, we host our very own LPL competition. Stop by Main to see some of these projects and cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award. Voting ends on May 15 @ 8. On Sunday, May 18, 1:30, we’ll announce our Washburn Awards for excellence in primary source research.


Storytime Break!

We’re on a storytime break (getting ready for Summer Reading)! Be sure to stop by, say hi and check out some books and some of our fun activities!

Letter of the Week  - Each week, a new letter is introduced along with a craft for your little one to try!

Baby Book Bees  - Start your baby on the path to book love and reading. Read 100 books to your baby in the first year and receive a bib and a wonderful book to share.



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