The Answers to Summer Reading Questions!

6.25.14 Many of you have been completing your gamecards at home and at the library to build our robot and earn your free book this summer! Did you get all the Find it Outs so far? If not, here’s a little help from your librarians:

How are ice and water different? How are they the same?   Ice and water are different phases of matter of the same substance. To find out more, click on the link to watch this Youtube video with a grownup: Bill Nye the Science Guy: Phases of Matter. Bill Nye the Science Guy DVDs are also available at the library!

How many people have been in space? That number is 537, as of October 2013. BUT did you know that there are people in space RIGHT NOW? To find out how many, and who they are, visit here!

What does the “speed of sound” mean? Sound travels in waves, like the waves on a river when it’s windy outside. The speed of sound is how fast a sound wave travels. So, how fast does sound travel? The answer to that is: 761 miles per hour! That’s really fast! For comparison, the fastest you usually can go in car on the freeway is about 60 miles per hour. So sound travels over 12 TIMES faster than that! Did you know that some things are able to move faster than the speed of sound? Click on the link to watch a Youtube video with a grownup about jets going faster than the speed of sound: Supersonic Flight. We also have books about jets at the library!

What kinds of birds live in your city? Over 200 different kinds of birds live in La Crosse or make a stop here as they migrate (move from place to place). One of the most famous and unique of all the birds that live here are eagles; not many states have so many! Check out the following website to help you identify local birds by their color: What Bird: Wisconsin. Visit the library to check out books about birds!

Check back next month for the rest of the answers!