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Our Summer Library Program--THE SUMMER DARE begins June 5, 2018

Visit any of the La Crosse Public Library locations, and say, "I want to sign up for the Summer Dare," and 3 things will happen:

  • You will put your name on a summer cutout and we’ll hang it up so everyone can see that you’re part of our Summer Dare.
  • Your family will get a fabulous new yard sign in 2018's color of the year.
  • You will pick up your first summer dare sheet.


Then you’ll go home, and figure out how you want to be curious, be active, and be kind that week and you’ll draw or write your answers in the boxes on the sheet.  Then you’ll bring the sheet back to the library and finish up your dare sheet by coming to an event, talking to a librarian, or doing one of our in-room boredom busters, like our scavenger hunts--in other words, be here.

When you finish all four dares, turn your sheet in to add a sticker to our summer dare mural. Once we fill up our mural with all the stickers, we’ll donate $500 to the Coulee Region Humane Society. The more dares you complete, the closer we will get to our goal to help animals in the community!

Each week will include a special Double Dog Dare--see if you can meet the challenge!

Every child who participates will receive a free book of their choice at our big August Book giveaway!

Download our full youth summer programming schedule (PDF)

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