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We hope that you find our new website to be useful and usable. We've done a small bit of reorganization, but if the menus fail you, you can use the search box at the top of the screen or ask a staff member for assistance. Click the arrow next to "Catalog" and switch it to "Website."  You'll find the new website is optimized for mobile devices, and there is a screen reader, Browsealoud, incorporated into the site. Browsealoud works as a screen reader and magnifier, and allows adjustments to font and background colors. 

You might have noticed that we also have a fresh, updated logo that incorporates detail from our iconic Cass Street Bridge. You'll start seeing the new logo on all our print and web materials. 

Thanks to our patrons who tested the website and made suggestions. We value your participation in this process. We welcome your feedback about the site! You can email Rochelle Hartman at or call at 608-789-8191.