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Program Type: Special Event
Age: Adult

Always wanted to learn more about Islam and Muslims? Join John Emery from the Islamic Resource Group for this three part series, which will help provide a better understanding of what Islam teaches and what Muslims practice. 

On Saturday, March 31 our series continues with "Women in Islam." This presentation covers Islamic teachings about the different roles of Muslim women in society, including cultural differences. We will talk about common misconceptions regarding Muslim women and explain gender equity in the spiritual, social, and economic aspect of life. Muslim women and culture/diversity will also be discussed. The presentation is concluded with examples of Muslim women and their role in history and today.

Other classes in this series:

Saturday, March 24 at 2:00 PM: What You Always Wanted to Know About Islam and Muslims
Saturday, April 7 at 2:00 PM: Roots of Islam in America

Speaker Bio: John Emery completed intensive study of the Arabic language in the US Army. He served as a translator and interrogator for nine years, including service in the United States, North Africa, the Persian Gulf, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After nine years in the US Army, John complete his B.A. in Global Studies at the University of Minnesota. As an American convert to Islam, John is is concerned with common misconceptions about Muslims and Islam in the United States. John is passionate about dispelling misunderstandings and shedding light on the values shared by believers of all faith traditions. John lives in Chaska, MN. He works as a Community Liaison for the Islamic Resource Group, focusing on community outreach and building relationships with law enforcement organizations. When he is not busy with family, John is a beekeeper and a bicyclist.

About the IRG: The Islamic Resource Group's mission is to build bridges of understanding between Muslims in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin and the broader community through education. Their speakers represent various professional, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds, and work to educate the public about the religion of Islam and its 1.5 billion adherents. Their presentations follow the First Amendment freedoms, while answering questions about this important topic. In today's world, people of all faiths are sensing the need to come together, learn more about each other, and share our commonalities while understanding our differences.