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While the La Crosse Public Library strives to provide the highest level of service, we recognize that conflicts and/or differences of opinion occur, and encourage the proper venue for voicing complaints.

Any individual with a concern or complaint not related to library materials should begin by making it in an informal verbal manner to library staff.  For concerns regarding the collection, individuals are directed to the Materials Selection Policy and Citizen's Request for Consideration form

If the individual chooses not to do so, or if the complaint does not lend itself to informal resolution, the individual must complete the Complaint Form. The Library Director will review the completed form within 72 hours of receipt and where appropriate, attempt to resolve the complaint directly. 

If the citizen is not satisfied with the response provided, or the complaint is directed at the Library Director, the completed form will be given to the president of the La Crosse Public Library Board of Trustees, who will then bring it to the full board for consideration.  If the citizen is not satisfied, he/she may also request an opportunity to address the Library Board at one of its monthly meetings.

Should a citizen circumvent this process and approach a Library Board member directly, the citizen is to be informed of this policy and directed to fill out the form and speak directly to either the Library Director or the Library Board president, depending on the nature of the complaint.

All complaints will be followed up with the complainant as well as the provision of a written response within 30 days.

Approved by La Crosse Public Library Board of Trustees
May 8, 2018

Paper copies of this form are available at all service desks at all three locations. You may also use the web form below, or print off a copy. 

Printable complaint form

Complaint form

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