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 Alice A. Holstein, Ed.D. and local author will be at the La Crosse Public Library on Saturday, August 13 signing copies of her poignant new book, Reframing Mental Illness: Affirmations of Hope.  Alice is a retired Peer support specialist, member of the Mental Health Coalition Board of Directors and "Better Together” Steering Committee, speaker and author on ways that mental health treatment can lead to whole person, whole system change.  Books will be available for purchase directly from the author. 

More about the book: "Reframing Mental Illness: Affirmations of Hope" was written because the author, Alice Holstein, Ed.D., could not otherwise find a “coffee table” book with brief mental health content. Having suffered greatly with bipolar mood disorder herself, she had sought daily or weekly guidance. She wanted to reflect and be encouraged. She sought insight and inspiration.

The book includes more than 160 meaty vignettes about the challenges and courage required to deal positively with mental illness. Each entry contains several reflection questions to promote reader insight. To reframe something means to see it entirely differently. Reframing empowers us.  Affirmations is full of healing and hope. Both the mentally ill and those who walk with them will appreciate its call to life-giving support and wisdom.

To learn more about this book and the author, please check out her website at: 

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