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This month our featured nonprofit is Capable Canines of Wisconsin, Inc.  Dedicated to providing assistance and support to children and adults living with autism, seizures, diabetes, hearing impairment, and physical disabilities, Capable Canines of Wisconsin, Inc. trains and places service dogs in the upper Midwest.

Disabled individuals with service dogs are guaranteed legal access to all places the general public is invited. Because service dogs can go where we go, a service dog can:
• Assist in daily living activities
• Encourage an individual to be more active and social
• Improve opportunities to gain meaningful employment
• Encourage an individual to become more independent, giving the individual a greater sense of pride
• Make a safer home environment

Interested in learning more? Visit the Capable Canines of Wisconsin website to learn how you can donate, volunteer and advocate on behalf of this agency, or simply call: 608.561.2269