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We are so excited that thanks to a generous donation from our friends at Coulee Region CORE (a local group dedicated to bringing together families and children of all abilities) we now have Explore Ability Kits available for checkout!

Explore Ability Kits serve the purpose of giving families tangible items to explore together to help families with differently abled children. By providing them with multiple types of media intended for adults and children (DVDs and print), as well as adaptive toys, therapeutic tools, and some assistive technologies, CORE hopes to answer questions families didn't even realize they had! Explore Ability Kit themes include:

  1. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind
  2. Vision Loss, Blindness, and Deafblind
  3. Autism
  4. Down Syndrome
  5. ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorders 
  6. Differing Mobility


These kits may be checked out with any Winding River Library card for 3 weeks and renewed up to three times as long as there are no holds waiting for the items.   For more information on any kit, visit the children's room at the Main library, and a librarian will show you what is available.  The kits are rather bulky, so requesting they be sent to other libraries may present challenges.  If you live outside of La Crosse and access to the kits is an issue for you, please contact youth services manager, Dawn Wacek at 608-789-8190 or email