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What is Footsteps of La Crosse?
This is a program hosted by the LPL Archives and Local History Department. Though the Footsteps tours are always available online for self-guiding, LPL Archives staff guides a series of tours each May and September. Each Footsteps tour focuses on themes in La Crosse history, generally giving you an overview of how architecture, class, and culture intersect on La Crosse's streets.

How does Footsteps work this May?
In an effort to make this spring's Footsteps of La Crosse walking tours still available, the LPL Archives has decided to do a month-long history tour series where you and your families get to Be Your Own Guides! Go to   to find the four history tours we had originally been planning to guide this May.

You have many options to participate in this program. You can use your own device out on the street on our mobile-friendly Footsteps website, or you can download or print a PDF. You can walk, drive, bike, skateboard, or view the tour content and historic photos from your computers at home--whatever suits you best.

Over the course of the month, participate at any level--one tour, all four tours, or even none of them--and then join Jenny from the LPL Archives staff in a Q&A on May 29 via Zoom, where she will lead a discussion on the tours, historic photographs, answer questions, and talk about content that didn't make it onto the tours. Think of it like a book club, where the book is a history tour and you didn't have to do the reading if you don't want to.

Originally, the series was meant to end with a bike tour that would have its final stop downtown at Turtle Stack Brewery. Participants from all four tours were going to be invited to grab a beer with Jenny to chat about architecture, the beer industry, and all things local history-related. To keep this vision alive, we are instead asking that you grab a growler from your favorite local brewery or some dinner from a beloved local restaurant, and join in this virtual discussion with Jenny on May 29.

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