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Local institutions, such as the La Crosse Public Library, the Area Research Center in Murphy Library at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and the La Crosse County Historical Society, have documents, photographs, recordings, and artifacts that help tell the story of our contribution to victory in World War II.


Veterans History project: DVDs located between 920 and 921 in the Adult Nonfiction collection at the Main Library with the numbers 940.5481. Students at the LaCrossroads School Interviewed local World War II veterans.

Albin Kayser

Alvin Thompson

Arthur Harebo

Bernard Endris

Bernard Puder

Bernard Weigel

Darrel Gust

Donald Molzahn

Donald Olson

Donald Schoenfeld

Edward Wojahn

Edwin Overholt

Elnor Haugen

Francis E. Sawyer

Frederick Thiede

Gene Dwyer

George Shafer

Gerald Besl

Gerald Thompson

Gordon Henley

Gordon O. Hoffman

Harley Gullickson

Harold Bartig

Hollis New

James Millin

James Simpson

Jerry Davison

Kjartan Turmo

Leslie Erickson

Lester Gilbertson

Louie Lautz

Magnus Gerszewski

Maurice H. Raifsnider

Myland Stafslien

Norman Schein

Norman Swanson

Palmer Johnson

Philip Bouffleur

Ray Lary

Robert Bilskemper

Robert Wicka

Roland Engh

Spencer Welda

Thoralf Olson

Troy Stellrecht

Vernetta Fish (See also The Road She Traveled: Vernetta Fish; she was in the United States Marine Corps in World War II.)


Total War on the homefront: LaCrosse, Wisconsin and the world wars by Richard L. Pifer, 1976 (Master’s Thesis for the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Archival materials