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Program Type: Book Discussion
Age: Adult

Out in Print is an LGBTQ+ book club that discusses books, short stories, films, graphic novels, and other media featuring a diverse array of LGBTQ+ narratives. Everyone in the greater La Crosse community is welcomed to participate in our monthly discussions.

Please join us in November at Turtle Stack Brewery for a conversation on the psychological drama Kiss of the Spider Woman. Written in Argentina in 1974, Kiss of the Spider Woman is the result of political oppression during the early 1970s: the novel centers around the dialogue between two individuals in prison. One was imprisoned for political dissidence, and the other for being queer. Although it was written in Argentina, it was originally published in Spain in 1976 because it was censored by the new Argentinian dictatorship (1976–1983). The English translation first appeared in 1979, four years before it was available in the writer’s own country. It has since been produced as a play (by Puig) and an Academy-Award-winning film (by Héctor Babenco), and is often considered to be one of the most important works of literature from Latin America.

Pick up your copy of Kiss of the Spider Woman at the Main Branch of La Crosse Public Library!