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Milwaukee County became the first place in the US to declare racism a public health crisis. It then began to establish a racial equity mindset, practices, and policies in its mission to turn Milwaukee from one of the unhealthiest counties in Wisconsin to the healthiest. To date nearly 200 governmental units around the country have followed Milwaukee’s lead. 
This interactive multimedia presentation will:

  • expand your understanding of racism as a social determinant of health locally, regionally and nationally
  • examine how successful public health campaigns have made our lives better by moving us beyond long-standing but unhealthy cultural practices
  • increase your desire for and ability to work towards racial equity in your sphere of influence 

Address such questions as: 

  • What do we mean by “race”, “racism” & “racial equity”?
  • What exactly is a “public health approach” to social & cultural problems? 
  • Can societies and cultures change — and if so, how? ü Why is racial equity so hard to achieve?
  • What can we as concerned individuals do to promote our society’s well-being through racial equity?