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Dr. Bee and Lynette will share their personal stories of times they have seen racism and white supremacy show its ugly face in our community.  Living as a biracial couple for the past 30 years they have too many stories to share. Dr. Bee will graciously and vulnerably share some of the things he has experienced as the target of racism from white folks toward him as a HMong person. Lynette will share her journey of understanding the racism and white supremacy that lives within her, as well as share stories of the ghastly racist experiences she has witnessed from strangers and loved ones. Hopefully their sharing of these stories will help you to open your eyes to the racism and white supremacy that lives within and around us, and motivate you to take action.

Saturday, October 9, 4 pm at the Western Technical College Lunda Center, 400 7th St. N., La Crosse, WI. ​Presentation in person and streaming will be available.  ​COVID-19 in-person recommendations from local health departments will be observed. 

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