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Age: Adult
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Pete will give a presentation on what he has learned through his experience of weatherizing old homes in La Crosse. He'll give you some tips and tricks on how to weatherize your own home, save money on your heating bill, and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Pete is handy and values the efficient use of materials and energy. He has his own thermal image equipment, which he uses to find where heat is lost in homes. He has imaged some thirty homes in the La Crosse area. This imaging allows him to educate homeowners on how to use materials around the house (e.g. plastic bags) to weatherize for the winter. His own home is a ranch style house, built in 1983, and has been fine-tuned many times with the aid of thermal images. The only energy used on the property is solar, propane and grid electricity, the sum total of which costs $850 per year.

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