Board of Directors
La Crosse Public Library is governed by a board of directors according to the powers and duties outlined in Wisconsin State Statutes, chapter 43.58. Board members are recommended for approval by the Mayor and confirmed by the city Common Council. By law, one board member must be either the school district administrator or his/her designee. There must also be a Common Council representative. Because of the size of our city, the Library Board may have up to two members who live outside of the municipality; all other members must reside in the city. The Library Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 5 p.m. in the lower level of the Main library.

The current Library Board members are:

Araysa Simpson, Secretary
Gary Padesky (City Council Representative)
Jodi Ehrenberger, Vice-President
Catherine Ellingson (School District of La Crosse Designee)
Beverly Ruston, President
Katie Bittner
Judy Bouffleur
Sara Sullivan
Suzanne Anglehart

We post agendas and approved meeting minutes.

The Washburn Board

The Washburn Fund Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing funds provided by the C.C. Washburn bequest. The Board also has responsibility for the management of funds received and invested from several other bequests. It is the Board’s policy to provide financial support to the La Crosse Public Library for needs outside of the established budget.

The Washburn Fund Board of Trustees meets twice a year on the second Thursday of April and October. Current board members are:

Judy Bouffleur
Jane Besseler
Jeffrey George, Secretary/Treasurer
Mayor Tim Kabat, Chair
Tom Sleik
Dale Montgomery
Glenn Seager