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Bulletin Board Policy

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La Crosse Public Library
Bulletin Boards and Brochure Stands Policy


The La Crosse Public Library provides public bulletin boards in order to display information that meets the educational, professional, and recreational needs of the community. Priority is given for programs and events inside the city of La Crosse. Events appropriate for posting include concerts, cultural events, lectures, and workshops. Those events occurring outside the city may be considered on a space available basis. The La Crosse Public Library reserves the right to refuse posting or remove any materials that do not meet guidelines.  


  • All materials must be brought to the circulation desk. Designated staff will review materials for posting/placement. Those approved will be displayed. Any items not approved will not be returned. Unauthorized items placed on any bulletin board or literature stand will be removed and discarded.
  • Notices for posting on the boards should be no larger than 8 1/2" x 11." Larger notices will be considered, space permitting.
  • Political campaign literature, religious proselytizing, personal notices, handwritten material, hate speech and commercial advertisements will not be posted.
  • Materials must be appropriate for viewing by all ages.
  • The La Crosse Public Library does not endorse any organization or individual displaying materials nor its beliefs or policies.
  • Notices that are not date sensitive may be posted for up to three months, space permitting. Each notice will be marked with the date it was posted.
  • The La Crosse Public Library does not assume responsibility for items damaged or stolen.
  • The La Crosse Public Library maintains literature stands for brochures and flier copies. Materials submitted for placement on these stands must follow the above guidelines regarding subject matter and time sensitivity.  


Approved by the La Crosse Public Library Board of Trustees

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