Loan Periods

Last Updated Date

To ensure maximum access to materials and services at La Crosse Public Library, we adopted a fine-free policy on July 1, 2018. This means that if you are a few days late, no problem! You can have your materials for up to 6-12 weeks, depending on the type of material, with no penalty, assuming others are not waiting. We do, however, have a few rules to make sure we get our materials back.

The Basics

  • This policy only applies to materials checked out at one of the three La Crosse Public Library locations. You will still be charged for overdue materials at other Winding Rivers Library System libraries.
  • A first notice will be sent 7 days after an item is not returned or renewed.
  • A second notice will be sent 7 days after the first notice is sent.
  • A third and final notice will be sent 7 days after the second notice is sent and you will be billed for any materials. If the billed amount is more than $9.99, you will be blocked from checking out materials or using online resources outside the library. Once the materials are returned, or if the balance is paid, your account access will be restored.
  • Materials from the Lucky Day collection will still incur fines.
  • The library will no longer use a collection service.


Renewing materials

Items can be renewed if there are no existing holds or if you have not received a third and final notice. Once you have been billed for an item, you are unable to renew it.

Damaged items and replacements

Generally, you cannot return billed items after six months. Ask to speak to the Circulation Manager for information about returning items beyond the six-month period.

Damaged materials will be assessed by the Circulation Manager and you will be charged the lowest price available for new material on Amazon.

Library card replacement

The cost to replace your library card is .50. This can be added to your account and paid later.

Check-out limits

21-day items

  • Adult and Teen audiobooks, CDs, books
  • Children’s magazines, audiobooks, books and CDs
  • Adult and Children's activity bags
  • These items are renewable up to three times if others are not waiting


14-day items

  • TV series on DVD
  • Renewable up to three times if others are not waiting


7-day items

  • Adult and Teen DVDs, magazines, and comic books, renewable up to three times if others are not waiting.
  • Children’s DVDs. Renewable up to three times if others are not waiting.
  • Board games. One renewal, no holds.
  • Flash drives at Main. Not renewable.
  • Electricity (Watt) meters. Not renewable.


Lucky Day Collection

We have a special collection of the most popular print and DVD titles. They cannot be placed on hold and are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Books: 7 days, not renewable. .50/day late fee, up to 5.00
  • DVDs: 3 days, not renewable: .50/day late fee, up to 5.00.
  • Limit of two Lucky Day items checked out at a time



  • Available only for use in the library for up to 3 hours a day. Not renewable.
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